Komodo Island Phinisi

Komodo Island Phinisi

Recent years, Komodo Island has become a dream destination for many people. Not only for domestic tourists but also foreign tourists as well. In Komodo National Park area, there are many islands that can be visited here. In addition, the clear water sea also suitable for some activities, such as snorkeling, diving, and swimming. Of course, you have to meet dragons as a must-visit list. However, there are many ways to explore Komodo National Park, one of them is taking a pinisi ship. There are many pinisi ships operating in Komodo National Park. Some of those ships offer you with luxury and impressive Komodo Island Phinisi. Usually, the ship departs from the Labuan Bajo Port and will end in the same port as well.

Types of ships in Komodo Island

Komodo sailing will bring you to sail in Komodo National Park which contains beautiful islands and was bordered by the blue sea water of Komodo Island. To visit beautiful islands here, not only one, then you can sail using a boat available in Labuan Bajo. There are several ship options for you who want to do sailing on Komodo Island. Your choice will affect your expenses during your vacation on Komodo Island.

Fan Boat

Fan Boat is a ship that has a length around 15 to 23 meters with a width of 4 meters and a maximum capacity for 8 passengers. This boat offers you with affordable price with rooms available in 2 to 3 rooms inside.

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This is also based on the type of ship and many of them offer you with sufficient facilities in each room during your sailing in Komodo Island.

Air-Conditioning Boat

This is the most best-selling boat used from many activities in Komodo sailing. Ac Boat generally has a length of 18 to 25 meters with an area around 3 to 4 meters. This boat can be filled up by 8 to 12 passengers during your trip. These boats have an air conditioner in each room and one of the most desirable boats during Komodo exploration. This boat also accommodates you with clean water that you can use for bathing and other purposes while on a board. Therefore, this ship is highly recommended for your 3 days 2 nights based on its capacity.

Phinisi Boat

Phinisi Boat is a type of luxury ship like a cruise ship for your travel on Komodo Island. A phinisi ship offers you with different lengths and has spacious room for you. Phinisi usually has 3 to 5 rooms with a total capacity for 12 people. Phinisi ships are very comfortable along with many facilities will make you as you stay in 5-star hotels but you are floating on the sea actually. Phinisi can accommodate so much clean water. This ship is highly recommended for your 4 days and 3 nights tours with a very comfortable place. However, to rent this boat, you need to pay more or even much expensive than other ships or boats. But, you will get 5-star facilities and worth with the price that you pay.

Open Deck Boat

This is a boat with a length around 20 meters and width of around 3 meters. The open deck is a boat that has no rooms but still offers up with the open rest and a capacity for 12 passengers. This ship is highly recommended for those who want to sail just in 1 day and more affordable price. This ship also helps you to feel enjoy and relax while you admiring the beautiful scenery in front of you. If you have more budget, then Komodo Island Phinisi is your best choice.