Komodo Island Pinck Beach2

Komodo Island Pinck Beach

Thinking about Komodo Island located in Nusa Tenggara Indonesia, you may simply think about the national conservation park and the native habitat of a rare animal, Komodo dragon. Although this is definitely true, this island actually offers you the other beauties that should not be missed out. One of them is Komodo Island Pinck Beach. Just like the name, the beach, particularly, the sand is indeed in pink color. This phenomenon doesn’t happen in many beaches and there are only 7 beaches in the world that have such a condition. Well, aside from the uniqueness, the landscape around is also really magnificent. Are you interested to go to this beach? Read the following explanations.

The Smooth Sand in Pink

You may wonder how the sand can be in pink. Commonly, the sand of the beach is indeed in only particular colors like grey and white. But sure, the coloring of the beach sand is based on the presence of corals, shells, and other creatures in the ocean. The grey or black sand signs that the number of corals is limited. Meanwhile, the white sand is due to the smelting of the corals and shells that are generally in white or beige color. In the phenomena of the pink beach, the specific coral that is smelted is namely Homotrema rubrum which is originally in pink.

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Then, it is blended with the tiny flakes of shells as well as the carbonate calcium of the ocean’s invertebrate. This way, the white sand naturally turns into pink.

How to Get There

There are mainly two ways to get Pink Beach of Komodo Island. If you choose the sea, it is accessible from some other islands like Flores, Lombok, and even Bali. From Bali, you can join the ship voyaged from Tanjung Benoa to Labuan Bajo and then it is continued to the Komodo Island. The trip takes around 24 hours. Second, it is by the land. Many tour agencies may prepare the bus to deliver you there. Sure, from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island, you still need to cross the sea using the boat. After being in Komodo Island, the trip to reach Pink Beach is also not said to be easy. There are steep field and cliff to be passed through. So, make sure you are accompanied by the professionals or local people who have known this area well.

The Home of Thousands of Species

Pink beach and the ocean around is also the home of thousands of fish and ocean creature species. The details are as follows; there are 1,000 species of fishes, 260 species of corals, 70 species of sponges or Porifera, and still many more. That’s why Pink Beach is also known as heaven for them who like diving and snorkeling. It is also added by the fact that the stream around the beach is strong enough. It is caused by the meeting of tropical and sub-tropical waters from the north and south respectively. Well, even the biodiversity of the sea is also caused by this reason.

Other Activities to Do Here

You should not miss out the chance to dive and snorkel here for sure. However, are there any other activities to be done when you have been in the beach? Interestingly, there are still many more. For you who love swimming, just do it. This beach is safe enough for you who love this type of water sport. Meanwhile, don’t forget to do sunbathing or take some pictures here. Yes, the moments in Komodo Island Pinck Beach indeed need to perpetuate.