Komodo Island Rinca

Komodo Island Rinca

Talking about Komodo dragon, one of few primordial animals still living nowadays, it seems that Komodo Island is the only place known as its habitat. In fact, there are still some areas around where Komodo can be simply found. One of them is Rinca Island or in the tour package, it is known as Komodo Island Rinca. Being included in the area of Komodo National Park, this island is even claimed as an island with the biggest Komodo population. There are around 1400 komodos that still survive on the land with the large of only 198 km square. If you are interested to meet Komodo in Rinca Island, make sure to read the explanations below.

Closer to Labuan Bajo

Rinca Island is located in the cluster of Komodo Islands. This way, this island is indeed strategic to be reached from any direction, particularly from Labuan Bajo. Well, this island is even closer to Labuan Bajo than Komodo Island itself. Rinca is also often being the next location to visit by the tourists after they are satisfied spending their time in Labuan Bajo. It can be reached using a renting boat for 2 hours. You should not worry, during the trip; you are accompanied by the rangers that wholeheartedly help you in any situation.

The Center of Komodo Conservation Park

It doesn’t mean that Komodo Island becomes less important. But in fact, the center of Komodo Conservation Park is currently located in Rinca Island. It is due to the fact that this land has the biggest population of Komodo. Even UNESCO stated that this island is one of the World’s Heritage Sites in which the life sustainability must be maintained well. There are many rules to follow once you enter this island. You must wear the proper outfit including boots to avoid you being attacked by the animals around.

Baca Juga :

Komodo itself is a kind of aggressive carnivores. Although it looks lazy, it can attack the prey anytime when it feels disturbed or hungry. Therefore, if you want to be closer with this primordial animal, make sure to be accompanied by the staff members.

The Beautiful Scenery

The groups of Komodo are not the only things to see here. Rinca is also a very magnificent island with beautiful beaches and some hills around. Mostly, the land here is covered by the meadows. So, this island is not only the home of Komodo but also many other animals like deer, snakes, and many more. While waiting for the animals to show up, you can go up to the top of Doro Ora on the height of 670 meters above the sea level. On the top, you can enjoy the stunning coastal panorama. You should not worry; this top is not something difficult to climb up. The track can be passed through easily only for around 30 minutes.

Other Activities

People coming to Rinca Island are not only for seeing Komodo as well as the scenery. They also want to challenge themselves by exploring the island. There are the routes to go around the island to see all the natural phenomena there. There are 3 routes or tracks to choose; they are the short, medium, and long tracks. Each of them has their own attractions. Some examples are passing through the groups of Komodo in their ground, seeing them laying the eggs, and more. Sure, during the trip, you are guided by a ranger and all you need to do is actually only following him around.

Visiting the Areas Around

Well, Rinca Island is only the starting point of your adventure. Next, you need to go to other areas in Komodo Island Rinca trip including Komodo Island itself and Loh Liang Conservation Park.