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Komodo Island One Day Tour

Komodo Island One Day Tour

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Komodo Island One Day Tour

Labuan Bajo is one of the popular destinations and considered as two best snorkeling spot in the world after Raja Ampat. That ranking was outperformed the Galapagos Islands in the US. The attraction of this city was located in the western tip of Flores Island. Therefore, the main purpose of travelers visiting Labuan Bajo is to sail and visit many islands here. Even there are so many islands become the best attractions here. All of them offer you with their own character and uniqueness. The distance can be so varied and some of them are pretty far from the port, others are close. Usually, travelers need to sail for three to four days. They will stay on board and spend more than 72 hours above the sea. However, not all of the visitors have many days or just have limited time to spend your best day on Komodo Island. However, you do not have to worry, because there is Komodo Island One Day Tour.

Kelor Island

This is the closest island to Labuan Bajo. This is a small island and offers you a beautiful hill in cone-shaped. Visitors who come to this Kelor Island can track to the top of the hill. This hill is not too high, but it pretty steep and slippery as well. The slope is almost 60 degrees. It really takes a lot of effort to reach the top.

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When you are in above, then your effort will be paid off. Kelor Island is quite an uninhabited island. Therefore, if you want to stay here, then do not forget to bring out your tent. You can try snorkeling here and this is one of the best spots to see colorful coral reefs and various types of fish.

Rinca Island

Rinca Island was the second largest island after Komodo Island in the cluster of Komodo National Park. You are able to meet directly with the giant lizard here. On Rinca Island or Loh Buaya, there are so many wild dragons live here, but you have to track first and do not forget you should be accompanied by rangers as well. The tracking route was divided into three ways, they are short, medium and long. You can choose based on your condition. In addition, to meet with dragons, you can see other wild animals on this island, such as deer, buffalo, and wild boar as well. Rinca Island shows you with natural scenery.

Bidadari Island

Bidadari means “Angel” in English and this place shows you with natural beauty, especially its seafloor. No wonder that this island is one of the most favorite spots for snorkeling or diving as well. There are so many coral reefs and fish that you can find on this island as well. Bidadari Island was close to Labuan Bajo, it only takes around two hours drive by boat. This is can be used as an alternative if you cannot visit islands which been too far away because you only have limited time. So, you do not have to confuse if you only have a short day to visit Labuan Bajo because you still can get an exciting vacation as well.

Kanawa Island

This island has a very exotic resort from wood and facing directly to the blue sea as well as surrounded by beautiful islands. Although this island is inhabited by a resort, however, this place is open for anyone who wants to come and take pictures here. Kanawa Island is popular for its clear water like a glass. There are so many different types of coral reefs and fish. Anything just looks beautiful here and Komodo Island One Day Tour still give you the best moment.

Komodo Island Holiday

Komodo Island Holiday

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Komodo Island Holiday

If you want to visit Komodo island, this is better if you read some tips first before you go there. Most of you already know how to travel destinations in Labuan Bajo. Besides you will see a beautiful natural landscape, the island which been included in Komodo National Park is also the original habitat of Komodo Dragon as the largest lizard species in this planet. Well, if you are also interested in vacationing on this island, then there are some tips that you should understand first before your Komodo Island Holiday.

Choose the right time to visit Komodo Island

From April to June is the best times to visit Komodo Island. During this time period, then the rainy season has ended and the weather on Komodo Island is very good for outdoor activities. You are able to visit some islands in Komodo National Park, enjoying the beautiful underwater scenery in order to explore this island and see the wildlife of giant lizard directly.

Do your exploration in the daytime

For those who want to explore Komodo Island, then right time to try trekking is during the day. Because of dragons are animals that most active in the morning. They usually start wandering their pray around 7:00 to 9:00. After they hunting for prey, then they waste most of their times for sunbathing. So, it will be safer if you meet the Komodo Dragon which still full because they tend to be lazy and not aggressive as well.

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Wear comfortable clothes when you trekking

Because the trekking time on Komodo Island, Padar Island or Gili Lawa is a long trip and your route will pass through barren forests or grasslands, then you have to use comfortable clothes and easy to absorb your sweat when you trekking. Meanwhile, for footwear, you have to wear trekking shoes because the terrain needs a stronger grip on your shoes.

Follow the ranger instructions

During the exploration, then you have to follow the instructor which given by the ranger or guide that accompany you during the trip. In addition, do not separate from your group because there are other wild animals such as snakes, wild horses, wild pigs in this forest.

Be careful if you are on menstruation period

For those who are menstruating or in a period, then you have to be more careful when exploring the Komodo National Park because Komodo Dragon is very sensitive to smell. Therefore, this is always better to inform the ranger if you are on your period and the ranger will take care of you during trekking.

Do not use perfume

Besides the smell of blood, the Komodo Dragon is also very sensitive to the stinging perfume scents. Therefore, it is not recommended to use striking perfume during trekking.

Keep your safety zone with Komodo

When you meet with dragons, ensure that you keep a safe distance with them. According to the ranger, the safe distance is around 5 meters when you want to take a photo or looking them closer. In addition, to mention a safe distance, ensure that you do not make any noise which possible to attract their attention.

Do not forget to explore other islands

Finally, this is your best time to explore other islands. Komodo National Park also offers you with many beautiful islands, such as Rinca Island, Gili Montang, Padar Island and Gili Desami. So, you do not forget to visit other islands when you are in Komodo National Park and explore many things here. Komodo Island Holiday can be your best deal when you want to get more adventure trip.

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