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Komodo Island Sailing Trip

Komodo Island Sailing Trip

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Komodo Island Sailing Trip

Komodo is one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia. Sure, this is a very rare animal that cannot be found in any other places in the world. It is reasonable if the main habitats, Komodo and Rinca Islands have been proclaimed as one of the New 7 Wonders of the world. Komodo Island itself can be reached by sailing from Labuan Bajo Flores. There are some options of Komodo Island sailing trip. Sure, each of them has its own pros and cons. So, what are they?

How to Rent the Ship or Boat

Renting the boat can actually be done at the same time you want to do the voyage. This method of ordering and renting the boat is known also as Go Show. However, there are particular times when the tourists to sail are very crowded and you must wait it for a long time. Those times are during the holidays and weekends. Therefore, it is much recommended for you to make order days or even weeks before going to Labuan Bajo. Moreover, it is if you want to come to Komodo Island with family or friends in a group. This way, you can save your time more and then sail to the island as soon as possible after arriving in Labuan Bajo.

Types of Ships and Boats

There are many types of ships and boats to rent. They are starting from them with the big size to the smaller one. The facilities offered are also various. Many of the ships or boats are offered with AC, deluxe bedroom, comfortable decks, fine dining, and many more. Meanwhile, many others are modest enough so that you may feel a little bit more tired after the trip.

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To know the type of boats along with the prices, anyway, you need to check the websites of the rentals and agencies. In the website, there are photos of the boats along with the specifications and prices. Compare them one to another to get the best prices and facilities. If you are lucky, there are many discounts available.

Ask some important matters regarding the ships or boats

Before dealing to rent a certain boat, make sure you ask some matters regarding the ships and boats to the owners or staff members. What are they? First, it is about the boat capacity. By knowing the capacity of the ship or boat, you can estimate how many people that can be included on the boat. This is important to lessen the rental costs. Well, if you will be in the boat with your friends, it is easier to share the costs. Second, you ask the facilities in the boat. Indeed, you must have read the facilities mentioned in the website. But it is not bad to ask them once more and even see them. It is possible for you to bargain the prices if you want to save your money more.

Enjoy Your Trip

After you find the ship or boat that you want, you can just enjoy the sailing. The sailing to Komodo Island is not only about crossing the strait but also enjoying the scenery around. Even when you are departed from Labuan Bajo Harbor, some green islands with hills around can just be seen including the destination. Additionally, the water is also crystal clear so that it is so relaxing for anybody who sees it. Enjoy also the facilities from the boat. Although not all of them are considered fancy, the staff may put so many efforts to satisfy your customers more during the Komodo Island Sailing Trip.

Komodo Island Hiking

Komodo Island Hiking

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Komodo Island Hiking

Labuan Bajo is a prime tourist destination that has many interesting and unique places to visit. For tourists who come to Labuan Bajo, surely they want to get the best view from the beauty of the atmosphere in Labuan Bajo. There are many places that can be visited when you are in Labuan Bajo. In this place, there are many beautiful islands, natural attractions and cultural tourism that never disappoint you. In Labuan Bajo, there is a very popular destination among local and foreign tourists. One of these tourist destinations is hiking on Padar Island. This island offers you with the natural habitat of Komodo which still exists in this area. You cannot find them in other places as well. To climb this island and you reach the peak, it will take around 20-30 minutes hiking. Padar Island has a unique shape compared to other places. Komodo Island Hiking can be your best option when you look for a thrilling sensation.

When is the best time for hiking in Komodo Island?

There is a specific time that you can choose and consider before you visit this island. This season will give you the best view and experience as well. In addition, you are also able to see the beautiful panorama of the natural situation in Labuan Baju – this place is still natural and well-preserved as well. In certain moments, you will see the Komodo Dragons move their lives naturally. Most of the visitors who come to the Labuan Bajo often hiking during in the morning and evening.

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However, this is not recommended to do a night hiking as well, because it endangers yourself. We know that Labuan Baji is very well-maintained for their purity and beauty of the existing nature so that you might not find any lighting around Komodo Dragon habitat. So it will be so dangerous if you do night hiking or you have a higher risk to be chased by Komodo Dragon.

Important factors when you hiking in Labuan Bajo

The important point for those who will do natural tourism in Labuan Bajo is ensured that you committed to always safeguarding Indonesian assets in this place. We all know that Labuan Bajo has a culture and natural atmosphere to be able to maintain and taking care of anything in this place. There are some natural attractions on Labuan Bajo, especially around the Komodo habitat, this is always better if you want hiking in this place, then ensure that you will be accompanied by a professional guide and hiking in a group. Because it could be so dangerous for yourself when hiking alone. So you are able to use this information that helps you know many things before you hiking or trekking in Komodo Island. This is very necessary to go in a group and supervised by experts or professional guides. They will help you with anything and give you an education about this place as well.

There are other great activities that you can do here while you spend your best days and moments here. Do not forget to bring your smartphone or camera to capture your best moments here or you just want to record your trip here. You can take a selfie as you wish and easily upload to your social media accounts. Do not forget to download many useful apps when you traveling. Ensure that you have enough credit for taking phone or message. Komodo Island Hiking can be your best option for those adventure trip seekers and want to get something more than a just ordinary holiday. You can dive or even snorkel in this place that shows you with so amazing underwater view.

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