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Komodo Island Snorkleing

Komodo Island Snorkleing

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Komodo Island Snorkeling

The attraction of Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo is not only the National Conservation Park. In fact, this area also has some good spots for snorkeling. This place is even proclaimed as the second best snorkeling and diving spot in the world after Raja Ampat. The achievement is not without any reason, the waters of Komodo Island are the home for around 385 species of corals and thousands of water species. More than that, you can also see 6 species of shark, 10 species of dolphins, and the green turtle. Meanwhile, the depth of only 150 meters plus the temperature of 25-29 degree of Celsius makes this water ideal for snorkeling. So, are you interested in Komodo Island snorkeling? Here are the spots.

Batu Samsia

Batu Samsia is one of the most favorite snorkeling spots to the tourists. For the divers, there are some channels that challenge them to swim down in them while enjoying the beautiful underwater scenery. Meanwhile, if you want to do snorkeling, you may not need to swim more deeply but just on the surface. This way, you can still the stunning creatures like the colorful fishes and corals. Sure, it is possible also to interact with them more closely.

Toko Toko

This spot is also well-known as the underwater rock palace. You should not worry since this spot is not as deep as Batu Samsia mentioned above. Therefore, this area is often used specifically for snorkeling. Toko toko is also suggested for you the beginners of water sport.

Baca Juga :

There are the rangers and staff members of the resort that will help you enjoy the underwater scenery. So, what are to see in this snorkeling spot? The featured one is the colorful corals. Meanwhile, there are hundred beautiful fish species swimming around in this area.

Crystal Rock

Next, there is Crystal Rock with the depth of only 5 meters. Similar to Toko Toko, this snorkeling spot is also recommended for you who still learn about swimming and snorkeling. But sure, it is not bad to the advanced and professional ones to go here and enjoy the fabulous underwater landscapes. In this area also, you can see many species that you may not be able to see in other places. Aside from the colorful corals and fishes, there are also Barramundi Cod, Frogfish, Parrotfish, and some other endemic fishes of the waters of Komodo Island. After snorkeling, you can take a rest while enjoying the scenery around the beach that is also not less beautiful.

Manta Point

Manta Point is one of the most famous snorkeling and diving area all around the world for the habitat of Manta Ray. However, this species cannot be simply seen anytime. Many groups of Manta Ray come around in March to April and September to November. Sure, you can swim along with them as well as interact with this rare animal. Interestingly, Manta Point is very important for many scientists to do research and observations with Manta Ray and any other species of Stingray as the objects. Manta Ray is also not the only species you can see and enjoy here. In this area, the underwater scenery along with the corals and fishes are really stunning as well.

Bidadari Island

Not far from Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo, there is Bidadari Island or literally, it means the island of angels. Not only is the island really beautiful, the beach and underwater scenery are also outstanding so that it is considered one of the best spots of Komodo Island snorkeling. Almost similar to the spots mentioned above, it is really good to see many beautiful creatures.

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