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Komodo Island Package Tour

Komodo Island Package Tour

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Komodo Island Package Tour

Labuan Bajo is a fishing village which been located on the western tip of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The city has a strategic function as the center of government, the center of education, the center of trade and so on. Labuan Bajo also has a unique tour package that you can’t find in another place. Firstly, Labuan Bajo is the multi-story port city, although the beach is not very wide, Labuan Bajo offers you with a breathtaking view. No wonder that this makes Labuan Bajo becomes a very beautiful city. Secondly, the beauty package of Labuan Bajo is also impressing with some of the uninhabited small islands scattered around. Komodo Island Package Tour can be your best partner to accompany your visit to Labuan Bajo, including Komodo Island.

How to get to Labuan Bajo?

There are two alternative options that you can choose to go to Labuan Bajo, they are using airlines or sea lanes. For airlines, then you can use the flight packages which been provided by several plane companies in Indonesia, such as Wings Air, Lion Air, Kal Star or Garuda Indonesia. If you depart from major cities in the western region, the flights usually transit in Bali first. Meanwhile, if you want to access Labuan Bajo from the sea route, then you can sue a boat trip package which been provided by PT PELNI. However, this method will certainly take a longer time than using an airplane. Arriving in Labuan Bajo, the boat is the main transportation that will help you to explore each island here. All of the travel packages offer you with a boat at a variety price depending on destinations that you choose and the services that you want to get. A boat can load 1 to 15 people and you can rent it for a whole day.

The best tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo

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Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the main attraction in Labuan Bajo and offers you with the greatest attraction as well. You can see a wildlife closer and see the giant lizard or Dragons in their live habitat. Komodo offers you with 3 types of trekking packages,  they are short, medium and long track. During exploration, you do not have to worry because there is a ranger who ready to accompany and guide you to the best exploration spots. You will see other great attractions, such as wide expanse and the blue sea water.

Rinca Island

Rinca Island was located close to Komodo Island and it still included in the Komodo National Park area. It only takes a few minutes and this place offers you with the beautiful scenery as well. If you want to do trekking in this area, then Rinca Island offers you with a more challenging route from Komodo Island.

Padar Island

Padar Island was located not too far away from Rinca Island and this is only separated by the Lintah Strait. To enjoy its beauty, then you have to do trekking which pretty challenging to reach the top of a hill on this island. When you arrive in the top of the hill, then you will be spoiled with a very beautiful scenery of 3-color beach and small islands scattered around it.

Pink Beach

The main attraction of this beach is the pink sand. This pink color comes from the combination of white sand and coral flakes shells and red invertebrates. There are some activities that you can do here, such as snorkeling, diving or sunbathing. Choose your best Komodo Island Package Tour first before your trip.

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